Membership Rates

Initiation Fees, Annual Dues and F&B Minimums

June 1st 2015 – May 31st 2016

Resident Membership Initiation Dues F&B Minimum
Family (couples, one 30+) $8500.00 $3570.00 $1800.00
Single (30+) $3500.00 $1785.00 $1250.00
Young  Family(couples Under 30) $1500.00 $2500.00 $1800.00
Junior Fees (Single)      
Legacy Child (up to 21) Waived $1000.00 $900.00
Age 22-23 $250.00 $1000.00 $900.00
Age 24-25 $500.00 $1000.00 $900.00
Age 26 $750.00 $1517.25 $900.00
Age 27 $1000.00 $1517.25 $900.00
Age 28 $1250.00 $1517.25 $900.00
Age 29 $1500.00 $1517.25 $900.00

Non Resident Membership

(Who do not own or maintain a residence, nor reside in Bermuda for more than 60 days per year)

Family (no children over 21) $2,500.00 $1,402.00 Nil
Legacy Child (up to 21) Waived $1000.00 Nil
Junior 22-29 $500.00 $1000.00 Nil


Resident Work Permit Holders (Residents) – Initiation Fee Options
For information on options, please contact our Club Secretary, Lynzi Clarke directly on 239.7205 or

Senior Memberships

Initiation Dues F&B Minimum
(20 consecutive years as a member and attained the age of 70)

Resident Single

$299.25 $500.00

Resident Couple



Non-Resident Single $285.00


Non-Resident Couple   $340.00




Initiation Dues F&B Minimum

(Between 12 and 21 & Living at home)



 *Kindly remember children who have reached their 21st birthday and have not applied for Junior Membership will no longer be included in the Family Membership.

 *Children of members are afforded the opportunity to join the Club in their own right, without Initiation Fees, provided they apply in their 21st year.


Introduced Guest Fees:  
Monday to Friday $20.00 per person per day
Saturday and Sunday and Public Holidays $30.00 per person per day

*All Introduced Guests MUST check in at the Front Desk upon arrival each time they come to use The Club and present their Guest Card.

 *Guest Fees do not apply if you accompany your guest and sign in.

New Membership Opportunities

Applications for membership are being accepted. Please e-mail for further details.

Guidelines for Proposers and Sponsors

  1. Each candidate for admission as an annual member must be proposed by an annual member and seconded by at least one other annual member. The applicant shall be well known to each of them personally.
  2. The proposer and seconder of a candidate for membership must furnish letters of recommendation giving the name, place of residence, profession or occupation of the candidate and such statement of his or her qualifications as the proposers and seconder may deem proper. The board, in its discretion, may decline to pass upon candidates for whom such letters and information are insufficient.
  3. Letters endorsing a candidate should clearly state how long the sponsor has known the candidate and in what capacity. Letters should demonstrate a personal knowledge of the candidate’s background, including education, family, sports, hobbies and career.
  4. All correspondence should be sent to the Club “for the attention of the Secretary” on personal stationery.
  5. Letters which indicate only a business or professional relationship will not be considered favorably by the Committee.
  6. In brief, should a sponsor not know a candidate sufficiently well to write with authority on his or her behalf, the candidate should seek another sponsor.
  7. Candidates who are not successful are not able to reapply for a period of two years.
  8. Members are reminded that they may submit no more than three letters in support of candidates for membership in any membership year (June 1st to May 31st).
  9. It is strongly suggested that only complete dossiers be sent to the Secretary.
  10. Any children older than 21 years of age can apply for membership in their own right, with the benifit of the intiation fee being waived.

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Club Constituition

Click to Download: Coral Beach & Tennis Club – Constitution.pdf

House Rules

Click to Download: Coral Beach & Tennis – House Rules.pdf

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